The Lunar Cape band claims that they live and work in Moscow, although the name of the band seems to allude to something else. There is a legend that the musicians came to Earth to establish cultural contacts. The band professes a moon-centric concept of the universe and believes that instrumental music is a universal language understandable to all intelligent beings, regardless of the planet of origin.

The Lunar Cape band was founded by Nikolay Petrovsky and Olga Scotland in 2011 (Moscow, Russia), or by someone who is concealing themselves under these names.

On Dec. 2015 the band released their debut album "Just Lunatics".
On Jan. 2018 an instrumental version of “Lunar Folk Tales” was released.
On Jan. 2019 a full version of “Lunar Folk Tales” was released (Russian and English). The album earned high praise from music media, including PROG MAGAZINE.
On Nov. 2022 Legends of Nantucket Island was released.

Albums were released on the ArtBeat Music label (Moscow, Russia)