Legends of Nantucket Island, 2022

On November 15 (2022), Legends of Nantucket Island - a new album by the Lunar Cape band - will be released on all digital platforms. The format of the album is non-trivial. It’s a conceptual album traditional for the progressive rock genre. Instrumental compositions with a piercing solo flute are in line with the main theme - a trip on a sailing whaleship that started on its metaphysical journey from the Nantucket Island. And it’s an audiobook where the legends of Nantucket Island from Herman Melville's Moby Dick, or the White Whale are read to the accompaniment of music and the sounds of the ocean. By the way, these ocean sounds are not an imitation – they are the actual, real field recordings from the northeast coast of North America.

 “If you think about it, the Earth is a tiny island on the edge of the Universe. As we look at it from the far side of the Moon, we’re inviting everyone to join us, the adherents of the moon-centric concept of the universe, Homo Lunaticus,” - says Andrey Shashkov, a band member.

This album format, the synthesis of music and fairy tales, as well as the “moon-centric” concept itself, are not new for the band. In 2019, the Lunar Folk Tales album was released. True, according to the musicians, in Folk Tales it was the words that were born after the music and began to describe it, and not vice versa.

The Golden Age, a painting by Alexander Korotich, graces the album cover. 

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Track list

  1. Gauguin's genes
  2. Amidst the sand and waves
  3. Nantucket
  4. Ivory casket
  5. The deep dive
  6. Quarrel
  7. Dreams and angels
  8. Vampire tango
  9. Keep rowing, you slouches
  10. Mouse Dirigible (Bonus)



  • Olga Scotland – flute, alto recorder, melodica, tin whistle, bells, glockenspiel, ocarina
  • Andrey Shashkov – bass guitar, bass recorder, voice (9)
  • Roman Smirnov – guitar, voice (7, 9)
  • Alexey Sulyaev – drums


Guest musicians

  • Maria Gorodetskaya – piano (3, 7)
  • Paul Bulak – Hammond organ emulation (1), djembe (5)
  • Paul Ekholm – vocals (3, 9)
  • tim.kahn (2, 9), SergeQuadrado (8) – sound effects, noises
  • Narrators: Toyah Willcox (2), Incognito (4)  


Text: Herman Melville, “Moby-Dick, or The Whale”

Recording: Nikolay Vengrzhanovich, Olga Scotland, Paul Bulak

Mixing and mastering: Nikolay Vengrzhanovich,

Executive producer: Nikolay “Bignick” Bogaychuk

Design: Alexander Korotich “360°”

Graphic work: A. Korotich, "Golden Age" (1992) 

Label: ArtBeat Music (Aleksey Kozlov's club), Moscow


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