Your eyes do not deceive you, yes it says 2015 as the release date of this album by the Moscow based band Lunar Cape. It’s an album that only recently hit my email inbox and after a few listens I was sufficiently intrigued and thought you might be as well. This six-member outfit creates instrumental music that covers a wide range of influences from World Beat to Progressive Rock and everything in between. The way they describe their music is interesting. They say: Music that could be the soundtrack to the film, cartoon, video game, or a certain performance. And that really does say it all.

The individual compositions for the most part range in length from four to just over six minutes and incorporate any number of musical styles suitable for the songs intended purpose. Some are a little more jazzy, some a little more proggy and some even a bit spacey. The general feel is a bit softer and subdued partially because of the flute which shows up everywhere in these eleven tunes. Going back to the band’s description of their music, I can’t emphasize it enough that there is a wide spectrum of musical styles performed here. What I found interesting in my own listening experience is that just as it seemed I was listening to something that didn’t grab me, they would switch direction and the next song would once again grab my attention. The other thing that I came to realize the more I listened to Lunar Cape is that these are great players, they really know their way around their individual instruments. That holds true on the compositional side as well in that they can clearly create some very involving and satisfying music regardless of the style. Just Lunatics turned out to be a pleasant surprise and a very satisfying listen. While not overtly Progressive Rock in the traditional sense, if there is such a thing, this is certainly music that will be appreciated by prog fans from the fusion or symphonic side of the spectrum.

Jerry Lucky "The Progressive Rock Files"